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Solar Hot Water Heaters

A solar hot water heater uses the power and heat of the sun to provide hot water to your home or business. Solar water heaters are especially effective in warmer climates and can be much more simple in design and cheap to produce. Solar water heaters are becomingly increasingly popular in the United States are have already been used for years in places like China, Japan, Europe and even India.
Solar water heaters can be broken up into two distinct categories, active and passive systems. Active systems will pump a fluid (other than the water you will be using in your home) through a solar energy collector. Passive systems use the natural power of convection to power the working fluid inside the water heater.
Most solar collectors are made from a simple insulated box with a glass top and a piece of sheet metal below painted black that’s attached to copper pipes. In large commercial or industrial applications parabolic mirrors (shaped like a satellite dish) are used to concentrate sunlight to power a solar water heater. The heat generated by the sun is stored in a hot water tank, which is typically much larger than a standard tank found on a gas or electric water heater. The tank is extra big to make up for any bad weather or lack of ability to heat the water. The massive volume of the water keeps it warm for much longer. The working fluid that’s used to transfer the heat from the collector to the storage tank is typically some kind of anti-freeze that contains a corrosion inhibitor to prevent damage to the copper pipes carrying the fluid.

Solar Water Heater Pros

  • Environmentally Friendly – Solar energy is a renewable resource that doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases like CO and CO2. This makes solar energy a clean resource that costs almost nothing once operational.
  • Free Power – Once your solar water heater is setup properly, aside from occasional maintenance you will have hot water for almost nothing at all. This can be a huge impact on your power bill which can be from 15%-30% water heating.
  • Can be Used Year Round – Solar water heaters may work best in the summer time, though they can also collect energy from the sun on sunny winter days. Snow can even reflect sunlight onto your water heater or other solar energy devices during winter months.
  • Financial Incentives – This is especially true for people living in the USA, Canada and parts of Europe. The government wants people to go green, so they incentivize new technologies to help subsidize the purchasing of equipment. This can mean free power and money back in your pocket to cover the cost of installation.

Solar Water Heater Cons

  • Initial Investment – Solar water heaters are far more expensive than any type of traditional water heater including gas, electric and various tankless systems. There may be government programs to help offset the costs of a new solar installation, so research is important before installing any system.
  • Limited by the Sun – If the sun isn’t shining, you won’t be saving much energy. Most solar water heaters have built in gas or electric heating elements that are activated when temperatures drop below a certain level. They help to heat your water on cloudy days.
  • Outdoor Maintenance – Unlike traditional water heaters, solar water heaters are typically placed outdoors for maximum results. Like anything left outdoors, regular service and maintenance are required to keep things in tip top shape.

Most Popular Hot Water Heaters Brands

You can find water heaters reviews all across the internet but few cover so many brands such as Noritz, Takagi, Lochinvar, Maytag, Titan as well as different types of heaters including electric, propane and tankless hot water heaters.

Electric hot water heaters by Bradford White are seen to be the best selling. Reviews for Rheem and Bosch are running a close second for the next highest selling companies. Tankless hot water heaters reviews state that these water heaters have life expectancies of about 20 years, which makes them worth the price you pay. The tankless hot water heaters that are for gas heaters will not work in a power outage, due to the fact most need an outlet to work.

Most people are looking for energy efficient hot water heaters and currently, most models reduce your electric bill as much as possible. These reviews are helpful when buying a new water heater, as they can tell you about pros and cons for the brands you are looking for. No matter what, make sure you check with the manufacturer to make sure the specification listed for any water heater reviewed match up to the requirements needed for your home.

Reviews can be found for natural gas, electric, tankless, propane with many name brands. From Polaris to Bradford White, our reviews offer information on the good, the bad and the ugly of all hot water heaters. It is better to be informed about your purchase before you buy a clunker. You would not buy a car without looking at reviews, and buying something for your home should be no less important. Doing the research to find out about bugs in the system or a recurring short in certain brands is important enough to warrant you reading a few water heaters reviews and save money in the long run.

Of all electric hot water heaters, Bradford White is the top selling water heater. Electric hot water heaters from this company can be found for around $400, and offer energy saver models that are maintenance free and have Vitraglas linings along with resettable thermal switches. Consumer research companies have found that when it comes to asking contractors, this brand of electric hot water heaters was voted number one. The up side to these electric hot water heaters is that they are cost efficient, energy saving models that are easy to install. The down side to this brand is that they can only be bought through licensed contractors and not through the local home improvement store.


Snowman electric hot water heaters with a 40 gallon tank are the most popular models made by the company. These electric hot water heaters offer weights of anywhere from 120-140 pounds, and an average cost of about $350. The first hour rate for this brand of 81, shows that these units heat up 10 gallons more than any Kenmore of the same class, faster. The up sides to owning any of the snowman water heaters is definitely the first hour rate and the overall cost. The down sides to this brand are the fact there are many class action lawsuits over some of their models, and the thermocouple complaints on many other consumer sites.


Kenmore electric hot water heaters in the 40 gallon series offer weights from 130-140 pounds, and have a first hour rate of only 71. Kenmore brand is affordable, being found at prices as low as $350 in some areas. The FHR of 71 for this model is very important, as this tells you how fast the unit heats up in the first hour of operation. This is rated the worst of all electric hot water heaters on the market. There is a limited warranty, as with the other two brands, but it covers much less than the other listed brands. The main down side to these units is that they do not heat water as quickly as many other comparable models. The up side to these electric hot water heaters is that they are affordable and easy to install.

How to Travel Safely With Couchsurfing

In the last few years, Couchsurfing has exploded onto the travel scene like never before, and has continued to grow increasingly popular. The more well-known it becomes, however, the more people have looked for drawbacks. It’s understandable that potential users hesitate at the thought of staying in a stranger’s house, but the experience shouldn’t be ruled out entirely. One thing that a lot of people forget is that the host is also putting themselves at risk by letting someone they don’t know into their homes. Couchsurfing is an exchange of trust between host and surfer, and by using the measures the website has put in place, you can travel safely, while still reaping the benefits of the Couchsurfing community.


When people meet each other through Couchsurfing, either by hosting, staying with them, going for a coffee, or through a social event, they leave references for other people, which show up on their profile. When you’re looking for someone to stay with, make sure you check to see if they have any references, and take the time to read through them. It’s a good sign if someone has a positive reference, but it’s also worth reading the content to see if they are who they say they are on their profile, and if the qualities that other people like in them will be something you like too.


Next to references, there will be a list of friends that the person has on Couchsurfing, and these can be a good indicator of how much this member has got involved with meeting new people through the site. Check to see if many of these friends are people they have met exclusively through Couchsurfing, or were they friends outside of the network. The site has a system whereby you make friends with someone, they ask how you met, and this information is saved in the friends section of your profile, for others to see. If they have a number of friends they’ve met purely by using the website, it shows that people want to stay in touch with this member and deem them trustworthy.

Vouching system

The vouching system on Couchsurfing allows good friends to verify each other – by ‘vouching’ for someone else, you’re saying that you know this member in person, as a good friend, and certify them to be trustworthy. In order for you to be able to vouch for someone, you yourself must have had three different people vouch for you. Couchsurfing urges people to ensure that they do not vouch for people if they have only met them briefly, in passing, or online. The system works well because only people voted as reliable enough to vouch for someone else have the power to do so, which makes it one of the better indicators of dependability on the site.


The verification system on Couchsurfing is only really a way of the website verifying your location, and doesn’t have much to do with making sure the person is trustworthy in other ways. You give your address and a small donation to Couchsurfing, and upon receiving this they send you a letter in the mail, which you then send back to verify your address. A combination of both verification and vouching can tell you that the person is who they say they are, and where they say they are.

Tell people where you’re going

This is more of a personal routine I go through when using Couchsurfing, but I’ve found it puts my mind at rest and allows me to just enjoy the experience. When I’m accepted by a host, I suggest meeting up in a public place, which they usually agree to as it’s easier than finding their house sometimes. I then send the address of where I’m going to someone back home, and give it to a person I know in the city I’m in. The latter isn’t always possible if you don’t know anyone, but if I’ve met a few people in hostels and spent a couple of days with them, I’ll let them know where I’m going and then be sure to message them when I arrive safely. That way, if anything happens, my family will know back home, and someone within a few miles will be aware too. A lot of people might find this unnecessary, but it doesn’t hurt to be that tiny bit more cautious.


Most of all, trust your gut. As you use Couchsurfing more, your intuition will become stronger and you’ll be able to pick out the trustworthy members a mile off. Use the tools that Couchsurfing has set in place to make the site safer, coupled with your own sense of judgement, and you’ll start reaping the rewards of Couchsurfing. Of course there is a tiny risk, but as a traveler you’re going to take risks almost every single day, that’s what makes it so exciting. Take those risks responsibly, and Couchsurfing will pay off in ways you would never have imagined.

Job Outlook for Dentists

Are you serious about going into dentistry? Then it’s time you check out job prospects for this occupation. The job outlook research is necessary when deciding on a career path.So what is a job outlook for dentists? There are a number of things that you should consider when looking into the job outlook for dentists. Seeing the big picture will help you to better understand where you stand and what jobs are available to you. So let’s refer to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for this matter.

Industry Growth
On the whole, the job market for dentists is booming. The dental industry is anticipated to grow through the subsequent years, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The major growth, though, is expected in 2018, when the employment rate is due to increase by 16%. As you may observe, the job outlook for dentists is quite bright and promising. Today, the field of dentistry offers a great variety of job opportunities and decent salaries for graduates of all degree levels. According to the current outlook on a dentist career, this occupation in moving forward at an ever-increasing speed creating more and more employment possibilities each year. So if you’re planning to become a dentist you have chosen the right time to set out.

Job Openings
As for job openings, they will increase in line with the overall industry growth. A huge demand for dentists is fostered by a number of factors:

• population growth
• teeth retaining among older people
• dental problems among baby-boom generation
• need for preventative check-ups
• increased dental coverage
• growing popularity of cosmetic dental services

For the time being, many states already suffer from the lack of professionals to provide high-quality dental care. This means that the employment market is in dire need of dentists to pick up the slack. The job outlook for dentists forecasts hiring intentions of employers for new college graduates in all states. The biggest number of job openings is observed in the states of Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California,Chicago, Illinois, and Houston, Texas.

Job Prospects
A great number of people from the baby-boom generation work in dental care. Many of them  have reached the retirement age and the rest are catching up. Given this fact, job prospects for both graduates and newcomers are extremely favorable. Young dentists will be able to take over the work of the older professionals who retire or cut back on hours, as well as provide dental services to make up for the growing demand.

As you can see, the job outlook for dentists is excellent. If you seriously consider becoming a dentist, you stand really good chances to get a job as soon as you finish your schooling. Are you interested in finding out what schools are available to you?

How to Play Golf for Beginners

Learning how to play golf for beginners is a daunting task for those who are uninformed of where to look to find the best beginner golf information. That is where we come in as the ultimate source for those looking to begin their lives as golf players. We will give tips on many different topics, such as:

  • Rules of golf
  • Golf tips for beginners
  • Golf clubs for beginners
  • Golf swing basics
  • and more…

Golf Beginner Tips

To get your golf game started, you will need to know a few things. First and foremost, you will need to take care of the basics — you will need to buy some golf clubs and bag, buy some tees, and find a nearby course to play at. It is likely that you have this taken care of, so let’s get to the meat of the tips.

The Best Golf Grip for Beginners

The golf grip you should be using when learning how to play golf for beginners is the interlocking grip. First, hold the golf club like you would a baseball bat with your dominant hand below the non-dominant hand (when the head of the golf club is on the ground). Next, interlink the pinky finger of your dominant hand with the index finger of your non-dominant hand to create the link. This serves too purposes. First, it allows maximum power and second, it reduces chafing and blisters of the hands by keeping both hands together.

Best Golf Swing Stance

For those new to the sport, it may seem odd that the golf swing stance is the most important part of your swing. You want to make sure that you have a solid grounding and that you are perfectly balanced before you begin your swing. The size of the golf club will naturally force you to bend over a bit and you will want to combine this with a bend of your knees. Keep your eye on the ball at all times as you pull the golf club above you.

Best Golf Swing

As you pull your golf club above you, you want to stretch your non-dominant arm straight (left arm for right handed players). Go back above your head as far as you can go. Bend your wrists slightly to give an angle to the golf club and with the downstroke, use your wrists of your dominant hand and the arm of your non dominant arm to create the power. The dominant hand will give the additional power you need while stabilizing the golf club.

Click the banner to the left for our exclusive set of reviews of the best golf clubs you could buy for, not only now, but for the future. Not only that, we scour the internet for the best prices and discounts for these golf clubs! Buying the proper golf club is the biggest investment in your game. Choose the wrong one and you will be buying a new one in the very near future. Choose the right one and you will have a set of clubs that you can pass down to your children. The golf clubs that we recommend are made by Calloway, TaylorMade, Top-Flite and Wilson. We’ve gone through hundreds of golf clubs and picked the five best to review and follow in our best golf clubs section.

Golf Swing Video

Learn how to play golf for beginners using the below video that will take you through the stance and swing. We love the simplicity of this video that helps to put our words above into video form.

The Best Golf Reference Book: How to become a better golfer in 30 days

Through our years covering the sport of golf, we’ve yet to see a reference book quite as helpful as the one we are exclusively able to give you, our readers absolutely free (for a limited time)! Sign up for our free newsletter with quality tips on improving your golf game and we throw in the book of “How to Become a Better Golfer in 30 Days) (valued at $39) to make sure you are able to easily know how to play golf for beginners!

How to Pass Dental School Interview

The U.S. dental schools have high admission standards. The interview is a crucial part of the admission process. Dental school interviews have some common features regardless of the school you’re applying to.
It’s always better to be prepared rather than answer on the spot. Poor performance at the dental school interview may affect the first impressions of you and kill your chance to get accepted into the program that you’ve chosen. But with some tips and ideas you can ensure the best performance at the dental school interview. So how to get prepared for an admission interview for a dental school?

Ensure Confidence
Keep to the rule of “3 Cs” at the dental school interview. That means you must be Cool, Calm and Collected, and more importantly, be yourself. Don’t act out or pour your emotions out. This won’t do you any good. Another important thing is to keep an eye contact with the interviewer and to always give honest responses. The main purpose of the dental school interview is to assess applicants’ personal qualities, speaking skills  and ability to interact with others. Be prepared to answer to the trickiest questions.

Research the Questions
There is a number of common questions asked by the interviewers. Be ready to comment on the questions about your grades and your school choice. Be prepared to express your opinion when you’re asked the following questions: “Why are you interested in a certain dental program?”, “How will the program help you in achieving your career goals?”, “Why you’ve chosen this particular dental school?” and so on. You can dig the whole bunch of the most common questions online or by asking other people who have experience of that kind.

Double Check Time and Location
Being late for the dental school interview is a bad sign. It will surely affect the first impressions of you. Being late means being less interested, irresponsible, inattentive… For not being labeled as such, you must double check the location, time and format of the dental school interview in advance. That way, you will have enough time to choose  an appropriate dress code and get to the dental school interview on time. Speaking of the dress code, it should be formal and neat.

Choose Conversation Style
Talking to the interviewer as you would to one of your friends is a major mistake. Choose a formal style of communication at the dental school interview. A smooth and confident speech is exactly what you need to make a good impression of you. Also make sure your answers are complete and to the point.

Keep this valuable information in mind, especially if you are scheduled for a dental school interview soon. Don’t let important things slip your mind.

Computer Repair Tools: What You Need to Fix Computers and Laptops.

People entering the field of computer repair need to do quite a bit of research to find all the tools they need to be able to fix the long list of problems that computers and laptops face. When I first started, I used to carry a huge toolkit full of all sorts of devices. The bag itself looked pretty impressive and had almost anything you might ever need. But as time went on, I discovered that 99% of the issues you need to resolve can be taken care of with just a basic set of technical equipment.

If you are going to perform laptop repair as well as desktop services, I recommend carrying a precision screwdriver tool kit. They cost somewhere around $10.00 and they are by far the most useful item I carry. Laptops and macbooks especially tend to use really small screws to hold components together. Small torx screws are pretty much an entry barrier for new technicians who don’t have the experience to know that they even needed a small torx screwdriver.

The second best tool for computer repair is a USB stick. You can store every single program you will ever need to troubleshoot a computer problem on one little stick. I store multiple types of anti-virus programs, anti-malware programs, rkill utilities, Hijackthis installations, popular browser install kits, data back up software, data transfer software and recovery programs. On top of storing your repair software, you can also use the USB key to transfer drivers and other files that you often need to download on-site.

While the USB stick and the precision screwdrivers will get your through 90% of your problems, you will need a very diverse kit for the remaining problems. You’ll need to get a CD pouch full of operating system disks and manufacturer recovery disks. Don’t forget that you’ll need one of each kind for both 32bit and 64 bit operating systems. Then, you’ll also need to carry a power supply tester for computer repair. On the laptop repair side, you will need to invest in a voltmeter to troubleshoot inverter problems and dc power jack issues.

Finally, the last additions to your toolkit will be standard technician items. Flashlights, measuring tape, thermal paste, electrical tape, extra screws and more… Most of these tools will rarely be used. But when you need them, you’ll really wish you had them. As you get more comfortable doing computer repair, you’ll be able to custom tailor your kit to your personal preferences. With enough experience, you might decide to add soldering iron and a heat gun for more advanced board level repairs.

9 Powerful Home Remedies for Acne

As one of the most common problems that people have, acne continues to affect millions of people. While many people may choose to try acne products first, this can lead to dryness of the skin. Home remedies for acne have best results for mild acne. People who suffer from moderate acne will probably need to use over-the-counter products or see a dermatologist.

What Is The Main Cause Of Acne?

A pimple begins deep under the skin in a hair follicle. Our bodies produce an oil called sebum to keep our skin soft and moist. The problem occurs when the skin produces too much sebum and it get clogged in the follicle with dead skin cells and other bacteria. This is when the skin becomes irritated and a pimple forms.

If you are serious on how to get rid of acne, you will need to be very patient because not all remedies will work for you. Here are some possible home remedies that may help with treating acne breakouts.

Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the most popular home remedies and should be more than enough to help with the problem. This oil is diluted and rubbed on the affected area. This form of skin care can have people doubting if it really works but people have stated that it is truly effective. Tea tree oil has a constituent called terpinen-4-ol and it is said that it has anti-bacterial actions. Since it helps kill bacteria then it makes sense that will kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the number of acne flare-ups. You will need to soak the chamomile tea bag in cold water and then apply it to the affected area for 30 seconds. You can use chamomile tea as a facial mask and you can use a cotton ball to help place it on your face.


As one of the best home remedies for acne, strawberries are growing in popularity. This is because the great tasting fruit has salicylic acid and this ingredient is found in acne creams. All you need to do is make a facial mask that will have about a half cup of strawberries pureed combined with about a tablespoon of sour cream. This remedy can be done about once a week and will surely help bring results. Another known remedy is to simply cut the strawberry in half and then rub it on the affected area.


This is a home remedy that can truly get rid of your acne. A honey mask can be applied every day and all you need to do is spread honey evenly on your face. Let the honey dry for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. This will help you feel like your face has become softer and just make sure that you have thoroughly washed your face.

Colloidal oatmeal

This is simply just rolled oats that are then made into a fine powder. In order to make colloidal oatmeal, all you need to do is grind rolled oats with a grinder or even a coffee mill. Cook the oatmeal and then let it cool down. Colloidal oatmeal will certainly help you get rid of the acne on your body.

Healthy Diet

This is a popular one. Other parts of the world where people consume healthy and natural foods have no acne. Consuming fruits and vegetables are helpful to achieve healthy looking skin.


This is another natural way can help you get to get rid of acne. Acupuncture has been proven to be about 98% effective when it comes to treating acne and will surely be one of the best remedies out there. If you are able to perform acupuncture with a professional, then it just might be a good way to get rid of acne. Never try at home and ALWAYS check with your doctor to see if this treatment is right for you. Always go to a professional if you decide this option.

Saw Palmetto

This is an herb that is growing in the health world. It has been said that it is a natural remedy for acne and though there are no scientific results yet, people are surely saying that there are positive results. Try saw palmetto and it just might be your secret remedy.

A Low Glycemic Diet

There have been studies proving that a bad diet can cause acne and so a low glycemic diet is a home remedy that can have multiple benefits. Foods with a high glycemic load has been blamed for causing acne and these foods are sweetened fruit juices, drinks with a lot of sugar, candies, white rice and pastas, fried foods like fries, baked potatoes and pizzas. There is a long list of foods to avoid but a healthier diet will certainly help immensely. The problem is that these high glycemic foods affect the hormones insulin and causes a spike of androgen and thus causing more acne. It is recommended that you eat low-glycemic foods like beans, vegetables, fruits, cereals high in fiber and whole grain breads.

If you are serious about finally getting rid of your acne, then it is important that you take these home remedies into consideration. Like always, it is extremely important to check with your doctor before taking any supplements, herbs, or a specific diet. Though some might seem a bit bizarre and they might not seem like procedures that doctors would recommend, they still truly work and they will help reduce acne.

Try your best to look through these remedies and to figure out which one will work best for you. The trick is to find one that truly works and then stick to that one remedy. It is also a good idea to ask your friends and family if they have some home remedies for acne as you can share your remedies with each other.

Dental Undergraduate Schools

Since there is no Bachelor’s Degree in dentistry, students can take either a pre-dental program or get a Bachelor’s Degree in any major to enter this profession. No matter which course you decide to take, it should prepare you for a dental school admission.

As you may know, dental schools are very competitive. Thus, applicants must show  outstanding academic excellence and high GPA scores to get accepted on the program they choose. In this respect, good undergraduate preparation is much more important than just good luck!

The choice of dental undergraduate schools is wide, consequently making the right decision may take you some time. The best way to avoid unnecessary efforts is to determine your  professional goals and expectations and go from there. In your search for the undergraduate dental schools you should consider the following options.

Ball State University
Ball State University is among dental undergraduate schools that offer quality education
for its students. This University offers entry-level degrees leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in pre-dentistry. This degree program is 4 years in duration. Students also have an option to graduate faster by attending the accelerated program which lasts for 3 academic years. The coursework is in the core subjects of organic chemistry, biology, physics, and genetics.

As one of the dental undergraduate schools that promote high standards of education Ball State University offers many opportunities for personal development and professional growth. Students have excellent opportunities to take part in various activities that are really helpful in gaining knowledge and practical skills. Pre-dental clubs at Ball State University are committed to provide their members with the information and opportunities to grow professionally. Ball State University is one of the best dental undergraduate schools where you can start your education. Students get excellent preparation for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and further education at the graduate level.

University of Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati is also on the list of dental undergraduate schools recommended by career advisors. This University offers a pre-dentistry program leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. The program lasts 4 academic years and is concentrated on the core medical subjects, such as biology, chemistry and physics. Students of this school are able to draw up their educational plan so that they could get proper preparation for the graduate school admission. As a rule, education planning is not an easy task and most often students require assistance with it. For that reason,  the University Accademic Advising Center serves to help students in choosing the courses they need to enter a graduate degree level.

Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Commonwealth University offers a pre-dentistry training for students planning to become dentists. As one of the best dental undergraduate schools, it offers a high quality program which prepares students for graduate education.  The undergraduate degree program includes the courses in biology, physics, biochemistry, endocrinology and immunology. This well-elaborated and complex program enables students to meet the competitive admission requirements of dental schools. Also, Virginia Commonwealth University gives the best opportunities to acquire an entry-level degree in the most favorable conditions and according to the standards established by the American Dental Association.

If you have any further questions about dental undergraduate schools, don’t hesitate to inquire for more information. Due to the years of experience in providing education services for students we can make it really fast and effective.

Dental Assistant Schools

iAre you planning to start your career in dentistry? It’s a great choice beyond any doubt. If your budget is limited though, you can start from becoming a dental assistant. Why not?
There is a diversity of programs to help you get prepared for a clinical practice. With a degree from one of the dental assistant schools you’ll be able to find a job in various work settings. Whether you want to have your practice in a laboratory, office or any other work setting, you’ll need to be well-trained and confident in what you do. Consider the following dental assistant schools where you can start your education.

University of Alaska, Anchorage

Those who are looking for accredited dental assistant schools should seriously consider the University of Alaska as a good place to get started. You can choose to study towards a Certificate or two-year Associate’s Degree to get professional qualification. The curriculum mostly consists of the subjects related to the dental assisting job. Students are taught how to prepare patients for treatments, take proper care of instruments, process X-rays and do the office work. The Certificate program is broken into 3 semesters each focusing on the certain areas of assisting work. Like other dental assistant schools, the University of Alaska prepares students for professional practice after graduation.

IntelliTec Medical Institute

If you are looking for a dental assistant school in the state of Colorado, then IntelliTec Medical Institute shouldn’t go unnoticed. This school is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. This means that all graduates will be eligible for the DANB exam, which is obligatory for getting a qualification. Students who successfully complete the program are allowed to perform assisting tasks, take duties related to radiography as well as coronal polish. Students are also required to undergo the internship as part of the program. Like other dental assistant schools, IntelliTec Medical Institute is aimed to prepare students for assisting duties in different work settings.

Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hill Technical College welcomes aspired students to join either a Certificate or an Associate’s degree program in dental assisting. The program is one year in duration and prepares students for the further clinical practice. The curriculum consists of the theoretical and practical parts. Students are also required to undergo the internship as part of the program. Apart from the basic courses, students study subjects devoted to the health care trends, human anatomy and computer skills. The Associate’s Degree in dental assisting takes 2 years to complete it. The program usually includes general subjects and classes required to get a certificate. Once the program is successfully completed students are eligible for the DANB exam.

If you’re seriously considering starting you career as a dental assistant, you should find out which schools are available to you.

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